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Kumi Showji

Rhythm Of Silence

Sad Disco


LP Black $50
  • Originally released in February 1990
  • Kumi Showji’s first album
  • Produced by Masataka Matsutoya and co-produced by Kazuo Horiguchi


Along with other city pop singers of the same era such as Yumi Tanimura, Seiko Sato, and Keiko Utsumi, Kumi Showji is a singer who is definitely not to be missed when talking about “90s city pop”. Originally released in February 1990, “Rhythm Of Silence” is Kumi Showji’s first album. Produced by Masataka Matsutoya, co-produced by Kazuo Horiguchi (REICO).

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Private Party
  • 2 Miss You
  • 3 Heaven
  • 4 うすべにの嵐
  • 5 Wander
  • 6 One by One
  • 7 Give Me Your Love
  • 8 Paradise
  • 9 三度目の木枯らし
  • 10 戻らないとき