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Voice of Baceprot




LP Black $40

SHIPS BY 2024-08-30

  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Debut album of Indonesian female metal band
  • Cover of "Metallica / Enter Sandman" is included as a bonus track


Indonesian rock trio Voice Of Baceprot (VOB) have had to weather many challenges after they decided to carve a career in music. With the lack of music-related facilities in their village of Singajaya in Garut, West Java, they had to practically build their own modest practice studio. And they could only get a gig in the nearest city of Garut, three-and-a-half hours away. They had to face more significant adversities, namely the stigmas and unsolicited suggestions regarding religion and decency directed at them.

"You must remember that we come from a village where many see women as inferior to men. After completing high school, we did not have a lot of options. It was either work at home or for a relative at a convenience store. Or marry someone our parents choose," vocalist/guitarist Marsya recalls. It is a mindset that has survived from one generation to the other, even to this day. Hence, garnering support from even their family members became an uphill battle.

"No wonder only the three of us managed to come this far when you consider that VOB started with 15 members in 2014!" drummer Sitti exclaims.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 God Allow Me (Please) to Play Music
  • 2 PMS
  • 3 The Enemy of Earth is You
  • 4 Kawani
  • 5 What's The Holy (Nobel) Today
  • 7 School Revolution
  • 8 Age Oriented
  • 9 God Allow Me (Please) to Play Music - Live at HITC Jakarta 2022
  • 10 Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover - Live at Transmusicales de Rennes 2021)