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Wendell Harrison


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LP Black $43
  • Limited Edition vinyl
  • Comes with Obi-Strip
  • TRIBE reissue series


Established in 1985 by Tribe co-founder Wendell Harrison, Rebirth Records would become something of a rebirth for Harrison. The label’s inaugural release, ‘Reawakening’ saw him expressing a renewed interest in jazz, beginning with album opener ‘Winter’. Tribe and Wenha contemporary Harold McKinney’s magnificent piano playing, forms the basis of the rhythm section, over which Harrison plays fiery clarinet lines previously unheard of outside of New Orleans. In sharp contrast to the energizing spiritualism of ‘Winter’, ‘Love Dream’ is a laid-back bossa. The brawny baritone of Leon Thomas, Harrison’s sunny flute, and backing vocals from a who’s who of Detroit’s Jazz scene all combine to make the ultimate Bossa tune. Throughout the album, Wendell Harrison leads a rotating cast of musicians, including Tribe co-founder Phil Ranelin, Harold MicKinney, and Pamela Wise (Harrison’s second wife and a fantastic keyboardist in her own right), bringing together their immense talents to create a spiritual jazz album quite unlike anything else. Remastered with contemporary technology and techniques, and reissued with an Obi-strip ‘Reawakening’ is a record you absolutely must not miss!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Winter
  • 2 Love Dream
  • 3 He's The One We All Knew
  • 4 Reawakening
  • 5 Tons & Tons Of B.S.
  • 6 Where Am I