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Chico Bernardes & Fools

Quero Saber & Pra Proxima Vez

Mapache Records


7” Black $18
  • Exclusive collaboration between Brazilian folk musician Chico Bernardes and Christopher Bear (Fools, Grizzly Bear)
    *Limited 7”edition of 400 copies


After a chat through Instagram about making an eventual collab, Chico brought up a pair of songs he wrote that wouldn’t fit his next record, already filled up with other songs. Since he already known Chris’ drumming on Grizzly Bear and always took it as an important reference, he suggested Chris to add drums, as well as percussions and vibraphones, bringing up a new atmosphere to the arrangements. Since the idea of the collab was to bring a fun way to exchange a bit from both universes, using an “intercontinental Ping Pong” way of recording, both were open to experiment in an organic way to fill up the tones and colors for the songs.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Quero Saber
  • 2 Pra Próxima Vez