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Peter McConnell

Psychonauts 2 (Essential Edition 2LP)



2LP Splatter $40
  • 2xLP Essential Edition
  • On Psychedelic Splatter Vinyl
  • Track listing curated by Peter McConnell
  • Music by Peter McConnell
  • Album Art by Arno Kiss
  • Artwork not final


Psychonauts 2 takes players through an assortment of densely wooded campgrounds and geometry-defying psychedelic landscapes to tell a story that effortlessly weaves together both heartbreak and hilarity. Like its lead character, Raz, the game is a high-flying act of narrative agility.

Psychonauts 2’s soundtrack is as wonderfully eclectic as the rest of the game, spanning everything from chilled-out campfire tunes to jam rock, and truly living up to the “psychedelic” label.

This “Essential Edition” 2xLP set features a curated selection from the Psychonauts 2 soundtrack, highlighting a range of offerings from legendary composer Peter McConnell hand-picked by the Double Fine team. It all comes packaged within album art by the mind-bendingly talented Arno Kiss. This is a 2xLP set that’ll open up your Mind Vault and set your ears ablaze.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Psychonauts 2 Title and Prologue
  • 2 The Quarry
  • 3 Cassie Library and Shanghai Memories
  • 4 Feeling Lucky Tonight
  • 5 Hollis Spy Run
  • 6 Hollis Monorail
  • 7 Lady Luctopus
  • 8 Ford’s Bowling Alley
  • 9 Loboto's Interior Sneak
  • 10 The Eye Shrine
  • 11 Panic Attack (Extended Version if we can fit it in)
  • 12 The Questionable Area
  • 13 The Forgetful Forest
  • 14 Campground Quest
  • 15 Aquato Family Caravan
  • 16 Flea Circus
  • 17 Cassie’s Library Book
  • 18 Cassie’s Catacombs
  • 19 Rock-a-Bye