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Various Artists

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The 30th Anniversary Memorial Album

King Records


2LP Pink $83
  • Pressed on pink double vinyl
  • On vinyl for the first time ever
  • Comes in gatefold jacket


The very popular 90s Japanese manga series, ‘’Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’’, will be pressed on 12-inch vinyl (2 Disc Set) for the first time ever to celebrate its 30th anniversary!

Disc 1 includes the opening and ending theme songs from the ‘’Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’’ series, ‘’Moonlight Legend’’ and ‘’Sailor Star Song’‘, as well as theme songs from the ’’Sailor Moon R’’ series, ‘’Sailor Moon S’’ and ‘’Sailor Moon Supers’’.

Disc 2 includes ‘’Moon Pride’‘, the opening song from the 2014 anime ’’Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal’’ along with ‘’Season 3: Death Busters’‘, and the opening and ending theme songs from the 2021 film, ’’Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie’’, the first Sailor Moon movie in 25 years.

The 12-inch vinyl (2 Disc Set) comes with a double LP gatefold jacket with illustrations from the ‘90s anime series, ’’Sailor Moon Eternal’’, plus colored vinyl records with an image of ‘’Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’’.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Moonlight Legend - DALI
  • 2 HEART MOVING - Misae Takamatsu
  • 3 Princess Moon - Ushio Hashimoto, Apple Pie
  • 4 Maiden's Policy - Yoko Ishida
  • 5 Tuxedo Mirage - Kotono Mitsuishi, Michie Tomizawa, Aya Hisakawa, Emi Shinohara, Rika Fukami
  • 6 Want to be us - Miwako Fujitani
  • 7 Let's go like - Meu
  • 8 Sailor Star Song - Kae Hanazawa
  • 9 The wind and the sky are surely - Arisa Mizuki
  • 10 Moon Revenge - Kotono Mitsuishi, Aya Hisakawa, Michie Tomizawa, Emi Shinohara, Rika Fukami
  • 11 Moonlight Destiny - Hiroko Asakawa
  • 12 See you at Morning Moon - Pretty Cast
  • 13 MOON PRIDE (ZZ ver.) - Momoiro Clover Z
  • 14 In Love with the New Moon - Etsuko Yakushimaru
  • 15 In Love with the New Moon - Mitsuko Horie
  • 16 New Moon ni Koishite (ZZ ver.) - Momoiro Clover Z
  • 17 Moonbow (ZZ ver.) - Momoiro Clover Z
  • 18 eternal eternity - Sailor Uranus (CV. Junko Minagawa) x Sailor Neptune (CV. Sayaka Ohara)
  • 19 Recommendation for Maidens - Chibiusa (CV. Misato Fukuen)
  • 20 Only eternity holds two people together - Tuxedo Mask (CV. Kenji Nojima)
  • 21 Tsukiiro Chainon - Momoiro Clover Z with Sailor 5 Warriors
  • 22 Want to be us - Yoko Ishida
  • 23 Let's go like - ANZA
  • 24 Moon Effect - Various Artists