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Asako Toki

Peppermint Time (20th Anniversary Edition)



LP Black $45

SHIPS BY 2024-08-23

  • Limited edition
  • Celebrating 20 years of Toki's solo career
  • Tracks selected by Toki herself


Asako Toki's timeless masterpiece, "Peppermint Time (20th Anniversary Edition), in celebration of her two-decade solo journey, is now being released on vinyl!

This analog edition stands as the quintessential VINYL BEST, curated with care by Asako Toki herself. From the extensive repertoire of 31 tracks on the best album, she handpicked 10 songs, meticulously chosen to deliver an unforgettable vinyl listening experience.

In crafting this analog edition, Toki has carefully curated a selection of 10 tracks from her illustrious best album, ensuring that each song resonates with the warmth and authenticity only vinyl can offer.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 STRIPE
  • 2 Tokyo Drive
  • 4 Fancy Time
  • 5 Peppermint Town
  • 6 Utsukushii Kao (with Raisan)
  • 7 Emerald
  • 8 Rain Dancer
  • 9 Natsuyo No Magic
  • 10 Ice Cream Talk feat. G.RINA