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David Peacock


Materia Collective


LP Black $36
  • 20th Anniversary of Chrono Cross tribute album
  • Vinyl pressed on Orange, pink, cyan, white half-splatter


In celebrating the 20th anniversary of the role-playing game Chrono Cross, the music label Materia Collective has announced the release of its tribute album, Parallelus, composed and arranged by David Peacock.

Vibrant, lush reimaginings of the music of Chrono Cross, from full orchestra to bluegrass, to solo piano.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Dreamwatch of Time
  • 2 Another Termina
  • 3 Frozen Flame
  • 4 Prisoners of Fate
  • 5 Chronopolis
  • 6 Dragon God
  • 7 Life - Faraway Promise