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V/A - Pacific Breeze

Pacific Breeze 1 Short Sleeved White T-Shirt


  • Pacific Breeze Short Sleeved White T-shirt Printed on Next Level Apparel

A T-Shirt to commemorate the critically acclaimed and best selling 2019 album Pacific Breeze.

Artist Bio

Pacific Breeze is an expertly compiled collection of choice cuts that range from silky smooth grooves to innovative techno pop bangers and everything in between.

Long-revered by crate diggers and adventurous audiophiles, this music has never been released outside of Japan until now. Including key artists like Taeko Ohnuki and Minako Yoshida, as well as cult favorites Hitomi Tohyama and Hiroshi Sato, this long-awaited release also features a newly commissioned cover painting by Tokyo-based artist Hiroshi Nagai, whose iconic images of resort living have graced the covers of many classic City Pop albums of the 1980s.