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Lizzy Mercier Descloux

One For The Soul

Light in the Attic


CD $10
LP Black $20
LP Color $22
  • Remastered from the original tapes
  • Essay by “Punk Professor” Vivien Goldman, interviewing key players
  • LP Includes download card for full album + 2 bonus tracks
  • CD includes full album plus 6 bonus tracks


teBy the time poet, singer-songwriter, and artist Lizzy Mercier Descloux recorded 1984’s Zulu Rock, she’d marked herself out as both a globe trotter with more passport stamps than Tintin and a musical innovator whose loose, arty spirit could be applied to styles as varied as no wave, Bavarian oompa and Soweto jive.


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Preview Tracklist

  • 1 One For The Soul
  • 2 Simply Beautiful
  • 3 Fog Horn Blues
  • 4 Women Don't Like Me
  • 5 My Funny Valentine
  • 6 Sound Of Leblon Beach_Garden Of Alas
  • 7 God Spell Me Wrong
  • 8 Off Off Pleasure
  • 9 Long Voodoo Ago
  • 10 Queen Of Overdub Kisses
  • 11 A Word Is A Whah
  • 12 Scala Saga Samba
  • 13 Love Streams
  • 14 Let's Get It On
  • 15 Bravado