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Les Demerle Sound 67 ft. Randy Brecker

Once In A Lifetime



LP Black $42
  • The only album of a band formed by young Les Demerle and Randy Brecker
  • Recorded in 1967 but unreleased for 56 years
  • Comes with Japanese Obi-strip


Infinitely adaptable, DeMerle’s power and rhythmic elasticity underlines his bold presence and command of modern jazz drumming. HERB WONG. By the time of ""Spectrum,"" Les DeMerle’s dynamic 1969 United Artists debut album, Les was a known, prodigious young drumming talent who had been wowing audiences through club and TV performances since he was a teen. The unheard gems was a recorded in 1967 by his band, Sound 67, which was lost in the confusing era at Atlantic Records, never to see the light of day. The acetates that followed DeMerle around for the last 56 years, reveal a 20-year old dynamo who knew talent, showmanship, and the sounds of his times. With a collection of crack arrangements by Frank Foster & Bob Hammer, channeling the latest grooves of Ramsey Lewis and Cannonball Adderley, balanced with sublime pop hits and burning swingers, Les sculpted his 5-piece band into a musical juggernaut. Featuring Randy Brecker on trumpet – in what would have been his first featured recording – and the voice of rock diva, Genya Ravan, ""Once in a Lifetime"" is an amazing time capsule find, containing great hints of the career DeMerle would unfurl over the coming decades.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Come Back To Me
  • 2 Feelin' Good
  • 3 On A Clear Day
  • 4 Raunchy Rita
  • 5 Signifyin'
  • 6 Alfie
  • 7 Sticks
  • 8 That's Life
  • 9 Once In A Lifetime
  • 10 Takin A Chance On Love