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Odd Look (ft. The Weeknd)

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12” Black $21
  • Taken from the album ‘Outrun’
  • ft. The Weeknd
  • 12" Pressed On Black Vinyl


Kavinsky’s ‘Odd Look’ is one of those songs which will haunt you for a long time after hearing them, one of Kavinsky’s acclaimed ‘Outrun’ highlights for sure.

The deep, raw and soulful instrumental brings a cinematic sound which has the power to literally put you in a virtual movie just listening to music! And Sebastian’s vocal part on top is a unique rendering, somewhere between Stevie Wonder and HAL.

The Weeknd was invited to sing on the song by Kavinsky himself. As a big fan of his singing skills, the zombie wanted him to give his song the real soul touch that he’d had in mind for ages. His performance reminds of Michael Jackson, a fast and swinging vocal line, extremely addictive !

A-Trak who has been Kavinsky’s pal for years now delivers a banging remix with bass & drums and a beautiful & strange vocal hook. The kind of tune that can be played in a NYC hip hop party, as well as in a techno warehouse in Berlin with the same effect : arms up ! A-Track rules it as always.

Midnight Juggernauts have taken the spacey-progressive path for their approach towards ‘Odd Look’. Trancey sounds built around those Scarface-like choirs surround you and bring you back to the early 9O’s chill out era, It’s emotional music, as on their recently released ‘Uncanny Valley’ album.

Prince 85 is the newcomer of this selection of X-tra strong producers. His new-hip hop sound fits Kavinsky’s moods perfectly, adding a brilliant re-cut work and some exquisite additional keyboards. Real driving music, that’s the deal.

Surkin has the recipe for producing absolute club anthems, his re-do of Kavinsky’s tune is one more proof of his skills. Sirens, brilliantly produced vocal excerpts and his signature synth sounds all together create a happy and hysteric mood that one could imagine create club riots !

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Odd Look feat The Weeknd
  • 2 Odd Look (A-Trak remix)
  • 3 Odd Look (Surkin remix)
  • 4 Odd Look (Prince 85 remix)
  • 5 Odd Look (Midnight Juggernauts remix)
  • 6 Odd Look (album version)