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Momoko Kikuchi

Ocean Side
LP Pink $50
  • Originally released in 1984
  • Pressed on pink vinyl
  • All songs composed and arranged by Tetsuji Hayashi


Adopted remastered sound sources for all songs, double-page spread lyric cards that reproduce the original specifications, reprinted with belt specifications.

The 1st album released in 1984 with an impressive artwork floating in the ennui sea.

80’s J-POP, such as the 80’s funk number “Blind Curve”, which was re-evaluated after being covered by Indonesian singer Rainych, and the wet ballad “So Many Dreams”, which also has sorrowful lyrics. A debut work colored with songs that represent . In addition, Tetsuji Hayashi, who composes and arranges all songs, supports the world view that does not end with a simple idol record.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Ocean Side
  • 2 Shadow Surfer
  • 3 Blind Curve
  • 4 Summer Eyes
  • 5 Futari No Night Dive
  • 6 Seishun No Ijiwaru
  • 7 Evening Break
  • 8 So Many Dreams
  • 9 I Will