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Takeshi Inomata and Sound Limited

New Rock In Europe

Univeral Music


LP Black $42

SHIPS BY 2024-08-23

  • Pressed on black triple vinyl
  • 180 grams
  • Mastered by Miles Showell of Abbey Road Studios


This is the third album by Sound Limited, also known as "Hidden Treasure". This gloss. This depth. Takeshi Inomata's jazz rock has entered a new dimension.

Sound Limited, which was formed at the end of 1969, recorded three albums in quick succession in 1970, as if to reflect Takeshi Inomata's enthusiasm. The third of these albums is New Rock In Europe. This album is composed mainly of songs by European musicians such as The Beatles, Donovan, and Nino Rota. There are many highlights to listen to, such as "Something," which fascinates with Kimio Mizutani's shimmering guitar, and "Barabajagal," which has an exciting tight groove, but I am happy to see a revival of Inomata's original "Mustache," which is part of the group's repertoire. 『Sounds Of Sound L.T.D.』 This is the third recording after "Sensational Jazz Vol. 1/2", and this version is glossy and psychedelic as if it concentrates the atmosphere of the entire album. It is a monumental work that makes it known that Jazz Rock by Inomata has entered a new dimension.


Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Something
  • 2 Time For Us
  • 3 London Bridge Is Falling Down
  • 4 Mustache
  • 5 Barabajagal
  • 6 Hurdy Gurdy Man
  • 7 Greensleeves
  • 8 Goodbye