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Ryuichi Sakamoto

Neo Geo
2LP Black + Blu-ray $160
  • Limited edition
  • Pressed on 180g black double vinyl
  • Includes two blu-ray discs
  • Comes with booklet featuring interview with guitarist Haruo Kubota


Ryuichi Sakamoto's seventh solo album, "Neo Geo," co-produced with Bill Laswell for global release, showcases a fusion of top musicians across various genres, including Sly Dunbar and Bootsy Collins. Infused with electronic tones intertwined with organic and ethnic flavors like traditional Okinawan and Balinese music, the album was meticulously crafted in both Tokyo and New York, reaching audiences in over 20 countries and marking a significant milestone in Sakamoto's solo journey.

This reissue not only presents the latest rendition of "NEO GEO" but also includes the 12-inch single "RISKY," featuring vocals by Iggy Pop. Additionally, it offers a first-time commercial release of a live video capturing the final day of the 1987 Japanese tour coinciding with the album's initial launch, broadcasted on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). Furthermore, fans can delve into the live performance in New York from June 1988, meticulously remastered onto two Blu-ray discs using cutting-edge technology, forming a comprehensive 4-disc box set. The accompanying booklet features an insightful interview with guitarist Haruo Kubota, who played a vital role in both the recording and the "Neo Geo" tour.

Artist Bio

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Before Long
  • 2 Neo Geo
  • 3 Risky
  • 4 Free Trading
  • 5 Shogunade
  • 6 Parata
  • 7 Okinawa Song-Chin Nuku Juushii
  • 8 After All
  • 9 Risky
  • 10 Risky(Extended Version)
  • 11 Neo Geo
  • 12 Risky(Instrumental)