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Joe Hisaishi

Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind: Soundtrack
LP Black $70

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  • Japanese import
  • Includes 4 pages of illustrations
  • Double jacket
  • Limited edition with OBI strip


Soundtrack recorded for the film based on the image album. Jacket image is a watercolor painting for the cover of the original comics of Nausicaa taking a gun to relieve a dying baby Ohmu from suffering which she tried to save, though it was beyond help.

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Preview Tracklist

  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind'' Opening
  • Runaway of the Royal Bullock
  • Valley of the Wind
  • Insect Love Shining Princess
  • Kushana's Invasion
  • Combat
  • Interaction with the Royal Bullock
  • In A Corrupt Sea
  • Annihilation of Petite
  • Battle of Maube and Corvette
  • Reviving Gigantic Soldier
  • Nausicaa's Requiem
  • Bird Man Ending