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Joe Hisaishi

Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind: Image Album
LP Black $60

SHIPS BY 2024-06-21 2024-08-30

  • Japanese import
  • Limited edition with OBI strip
  • Includes 4 pages of illustrations


A collection of works which are considered the origin of film music in Nausicaa, created even before the film’s production and based on the image in the original comics. Jacket image is a ‘’Torumakian Soldier’’ illustrated by director Hayao Miyazaki for appendix poster for Animage.

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Preview Tracklist

  • Wind Legend
  • To the Far Place (Nausicaa's theme )
  • Meve
  • Majin Soldier/ Torumecian Army/ His Highness
  • Corroded Sea
  • Royal Mortal
  • Return of the Demon Army
  • Combat
  • The Way to the Valley
  • Distant Days (Nausicaa's Theme)
  • Bird People (Nausicaa's theme)