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Nada Escrito
LP Pink $26
  • 140g Pink Crystal vinyl
  • Metallic silver ink printed on natural speckled paper jacket
  • Black paper sleeve
  • Edition of 300


Nada Escrito is Dorotheo’s third full-length album and a reflection of the band’s evolution through the years. The project’s progressive nature and their psychedelic rock foundation has blossomed to a different sonic direction, reminiscent of hauntology music, echoing the experimental spirit of bands like Broadcast, Stereo Lab or Silver Apples, yet landing ideas from latin-american and middle-eastern music among many other influences with their signature song-writing, channeled by the production hand of Hugo Quezada (Progreso Nacional, Exploded View) and the musical possibilities enabled by the new line-up.

This album is the follow-up to their celebrated Como Es (2021), which was conceived as a duo integrated by front-man, singer and guitarist Benjamín Zárate and Otto Malgesto on drums and vocals. However, the album release tour was performed as a quintet, introducing new songs with the return of co-founder bassist-singer Anton Cerda, the inclusion of Efraín Valadez on synthesizers and the extraordinary Cynthia Estévez adding a second lead vocal persona, spacey keyboards, hypnotic wind instruments and new lyrics. Together, they created Nada Escrito, expanding their music to a completely new form.

“A band with the hauntological cool of Broadcast and Stereolab." – NPR

“Dorotheo es integrado por elementos de antiguas agrupaciones que han decidido abrir un nuevo camino. Bases krautrock se pueden percibir de primera mano, planos llenos de psicodelia y tendencias al shoegaze terminan de forjar su arte, que sin duda corre haciendo transgresiones al tiempo, que nos invita a imaginar escenarios retóricos y ambiguos.” – Rolling Stone

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Creciente
  • 2 Las Nubes
  • 3 Día
  • 4 Intención
  • 5 Humano
  • 6 Capricho
  • 7 Cristina
  • 8 Desvanecido