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Masami Yoshida

My Tune, My Turn

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LP Clear $52
  • Reissued on clear vinyl
  • Must-listen for Japanese AOR/City Pop fans


City pop-AOR masterpiece! Former grape Masami Yoshida released “My tune, My turn” in 1980, and it will be reissued on clear vinyl!

The only solo album “My tune, My turn” released by former grape Masami Yoshida after the activity of Chabozu is the first reissue! It is a high-quality city pop masterpiece and is a must-listen for Japanese mono AOR fans. Since the original is a rare board that is traded at a high price even in the second-hand market, I think that many collectors wanted it.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 You're In The Sky With Soda
  • 2 I Don't Need Eyeshadow
  • 3 Smoke Rings
  • 4 Mysterious Encounter
  • 5 In The Memory of Summer (Sailing For Two)
  • 6 Raise Your Dream Anchor
  • 7 Leave It To Time
  • 8 Illusion
  • 9 Midsummer Night Date
  • 10 Orange City Morning