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Sebastien Tellier

My God Is Blue

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LP Blue $27
  • LP Pressed Blue Colored Vinyl
  • Gatefold
  • Produced by Ed Banger’s Mr Flash
  • 7.1 Pitchfork review


Produced by Ed Banger’s Mr Flash, the record’s aesthetic is marked by choral grandiose whose mellifluousness is second to a larger aim of unification, part of Sébastien’s pursuit to form an ideal community he calls L’Alliance Bleue (The Blue Alliance). This communities purpose is woven thematically into the album’s 12 tracks, heard through their focus on spiritual transcendence and personal reinvention with the aid of Sébastien’s newfound spiritual leader, le Dieu Bleu (Blue God). It is through His aid that Sébastien believes we can recreate ourselves and find true freedom. Sébastien beckons a universal rebirth with his pop-manifesto, don’t get left behind…

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Pepito Bleu
  • 2 The Colour Of Your Mind
  • 3 Sedulous
  • 4 Cochon Ville
  • 5 Magical Hurricane
  • 6 Russian Attractions
  • 7 Mayday
  • 8 Draw Your World
  • 9 My Poseidon
  • 10 Against The Law
  • 11 My God Is Blue
  • 12 Yes It’s Possible