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My Beach



LP Green $49
  • LP of the remastered original 1980 album
  • First time reissue
  • Limited edition colour vinyl
  • Large fold-out poster
  • Redux artwork
  • Surfboard sticker


First time reissue of the classic 1980 album by those ‘Spoiled Brats From Malibu’- the obnoxious and irreverant Surf Punks. You’d be forgiven for thinking this album was made years later, being way ahead of the time in both sound and style, but this was surf rock designed for the 1980’s: anarchic, obnoxious, tongue in cheek and in your face. Did you know singer Drew Steele used to ride on stage on his custom designed Skatar? ...a Senatore skateboard afixed to a Fender Stratocaster neck and pickups. The Beach Boys of Punk. For fans of Descendents, Agent Orange, Beastie Boys and Devo.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 My Beach
  • 2 My Wave
  • 3 Teenage Girls
  • 4 Shoulder Hopper
  • 5 The Dummies
  • 6 Beer Can Beach
  • 7 Surfer's Nitemare
  • 8 I Live For The Sun
  • 9 Meet Me At The Beach
  • 10 Big Top
  • 11 Somebody Ripped My Stick
  • 12 Letter From Hawaii
  • 13 The Surfmen
  • 14 Can't Get A Tan
  • 15 The Surf Instructor
  • 16 Punch Out At Malibu
  • 17 Bird Bathroom