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LP Black $49
  • Reissued for the first time
  • Limited edition LP
  • Japanese OBI-strip


Followers of TSG Records will be well aware of the mystery that hovers around much of the short-lived tax-scam label’s artists, so it’s fair to say the releases from the widely-known legend of 50s R&B Lloyd Price stand out among the crowd. Music Music was released in 1976, and sounds markedly different from the trailblazing rhythm and blues sound that had galvanized hits such as “Stagger Lee” and “Perfection” almost twenty years previously.

By the mid-70s Price had moved into the record business as the co-owner of LPG records, and would go on to establish one of its subsidiary labels in secret – TSG Records. Music Music embodies the characteristics of a seasoned label boss with its strong grasp of the music climate, and its embedded recipes for hit-making soul and funk grooves. P-VINE is thrilled to be reissuing Music Music as a limited edition LP for the first time in the world with an iconic Japanese obi strip attached.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 What Did You Do With My Love
  • 2 Music - Music
  • 3 Love Music
  • 4 Mr. & Mrs. Untrue
  • 5 Street Love
  • 6 You Brought It On Yourself
  • 7 Uphill Peace Of Mind
  • 8 N’sele