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Ric Kaestner

Music For Massage II
2LP Black $25
CD $12
Cassette Tape $9
  • Extremely rare second album by New Age Pioneer Ric Kaestner
  • Housed in a gatefold jacket with liner notes including the history of the album and words from Ric taken from an interview with "Diego Olivas (Fond Sound)
  • First release in 35 years, Originals weren’t intended for public sale
  • Limited to 500 LPs – 300 black vinyl, 165 Clear vinyl, and 35 Special Edition (see details below)
  • Limited to 300 copies on CD & 100 cassette’s
  • Includes 3 songs from the prequel album in high quality
  • Restoration of the original cassette audio
  • THE SPECIAL EDITION (DELUXE) VERSION INCLUDES: Clear Vinyl, Signed by Ric, Numbered, Poster, Hand Stamped Ric Logo.


5 Years after the New Age cult-classic album Music For Massage hit the shelves, it’s sequel was silently released. Never intended for consumer sale, Music For Massage II was only known to a select few masseuses and tape collectors. The very definition of esoteric. Musically, it’s both an homage to how far the genre had come in those 5 years and served as a predictor of what was to come. Comprising elements of Folk, Drone, Ambient, Ethereal, Minimal, Modern Classical, the recording is quintessential of all things New Age. These are sounds meant to induce healing, therapy, and relaxation. Hand crafted by Ric Kaestner and inspired in part by an encounter with one of the fathers of modern music, John Cage, for actual massage or for casual listening, it holds its own almost four decades later.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Black Sand
  • 2 Crown
  • 3 Tan-Den
  • 4 Au-um
  • 5 Raga
  • 6 Radius
  • 7 Circulation
  • 8 Flaxen
  • 9 Willow
  • 10 Rose Quartz
  • 11 Ramus
  • 12 Star Song
  • 13 Au-um II
  • 14 Talus (LP/Tape Only)Rotation
  • 15 Rotation
  • 16 Sleep Dance (LP/Tape Only)
  • 17 Heart Of Palm
  • 18 Nimbus