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Various Artists

Mr Devil: Apocalyptic Gospel And Rapture Rockabilly From Private Press Prophets (1964-1984)
LP Random Color $35

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  • Limited Edition Deluxe Gatefold LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia!
  • Full dynamic range 2024 remasters!
  • Original Cover Art by Eric Adrian Lee!
  • Limited Edition 500 copies!
  • 250 (randomly inserted) ‘Tower Of Babel’ Splatter LPs / 250 (randomly inserted) ‘Mephisto Abyss’ Black LPs!


From the makers of Hillbillies In Hell...

Private Press Prophets and Vanity Vinyl Visionaries.

Presented here for the very first time are 20 timeless slices of Luciferian Gospel, End-Times Prophecy and Doomsday Sermons from the Surreal Sacred Songbook. Armageddon Rockabilly collides with Kindergarten Sulphur and Brimstone diatribes. Backwoods Demonic Disco confronts Beastly Predictions and Southern Fried Incubus Funk. All excavated from deep within the forgotten margins of Homespun and Private Press Culture.

Years in the making – ‘Hey, Mr. Devil' presents a Raucous Revival Tent of Fallen Rockabilly Icons, Public Access Evangelists and Hellfire Puppeteers.

Voices raised together to warn of Diabolical Deceit, Demonic Seduction and One World Government Slavery.

A righteous collection of Forbidden and Subterranean cuts: all of these incendiary sides are incredibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time.

Kneel and Witness the Final Conflict...

•SEE Brenda Cheryl confront the Leviathan Lothario in SOMEBODY'S KNOCKIN'!

•HEAR The Fundamentalist WARN THE CHILDREN!

•WITNESS The Gospel Rhythm-Aires and their dramatic recreation of THE RAPTURE!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 The Musical Harts - Hey
  • 2 Don Foster - Don't Shake Hands With The Devil
  • 3 Arlie Neaville - Run Devil
  • 4 Reverend Don Mullins - Look Out Mister Devil
  • 5 The Fundamentalist - Warn The Children
  • 6 The Happy Christians - John The Revelator
  • 7 Brenda Cheryl - Somebody's Knockin'
  • 8 Kylan Laxson - Sly Old Fox
  • 9 Evangelist Darrell Dunn - The Coming World Government '666' (Excerpt)
  • 10 Gospel III With Alvis - The Devil's Got Your Number
  • 11 Little Marcy - When Mr. Satan Knocks At My Heart's Door
  • 12 Bobby Thomas - Wayfaring Stranger
  • 13 The Unknown Quantity - Run Satan
  • 14 Wally Fowler and The Oak Ridge Quartet - Ole Satan
  • 15 The Byrd Family - The River Of Death
  • 16 Charles Lee - When The World's On Fire
  • 17 The Gospel Rhythm-Aires - The Rapture (Excerpt)
  • 18 The Gospel Singin' Saints - We Shall Rise
  • 19 Claudette Dykstra - Sweet Jesus Threw The Devil Out
  • 20 Judy W. DeLatte - Satan Get Out Of Here