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Yuji Koseki

Mothra Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LITA Exclusive Variant)



2LP Swirl $40
  • LITA Exclusive Color 2LP in AB Black and White Swirl / CD Black and Red Swirl
  • Limited 500 Copies
  • The Complete 1961 Soundtrack by Yūji Koseki
  • New Artwork by Yuko Shimizu
  • Heavyweight Gatefold Packaging with Matte Finish
  • 12” x 12” Art Print


Waxwork Records is honored to present MOTHRA Original 1961 Motion Picture Soundtrack by Yūji Koseki. MOTHRA is the very first of many TOHO films to feature the Queen of the Monsters. The plot follows an exploitative businessman who kidnaps the Shobijin, a pair of tiny twins played by Yumi & Emi Ito, from Infant Island. He forces them to begin performing as singers in a sideshow attraction. What he doesn’t know is that the twins have a psychic connection to the God of Infant Island, Mothra, the colossal winged Kaiju monster. Mothra is summoned and wreaks havoc in order to protect her people, making her the only morally righteous Kaiju in the Monsterverse.

The score by Yūjui Koseki features booming orchestral pieces that accompany Mothra in her mission to protect her people countered by waves of clairvoyant and electronically performed compositions including sci-fi sound effects. Sprinkled throughout the score, The Peanuts sing ballads to their beloved winged Kaiju, recognized by their iconic vocal doubling.

Waxwork Records is beyond thrilled to present the official MOTHRA original 1961 soundtrack as a deluxe double LP with two different colored vinyl variants – 180 gram “Mothra” colored vinyl and 180 Gram “Infant Island” colored vinyl, new artwork by famed artist and illustrator Yuko Shimizu, deluxe packaging, heavyweight gatefold jackets with matte satin coating, a 12”x12” art print, and more!

Waxwork’s MOTHRA double LP album marks the very first time that the complete original soundtrack has ever been released on vinyl, anywhere. We are honored to present this release in close collaboration with TOHO to celebrate the the historical significance of one of the most popular Kaiju monsters who is second only to Godzilla in her number of appearances!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Overture
  • 2 Main Title
  • 3 Infant Island
  • 4 The Miraculous Survivors
  • 5 The Research Team Departure
  • 6 Finding The Large Jungle
  • 7 Cave Inscription
  • 8 Telepathy Music I
  • 9 Telepathy Music II
  • 10 Telepathy Music III
  • 11 The Natives Emerge
  • 12 Telepathy Music IV
  • 13 The Research Team Returns
  • 14 Nelson On Infant Island
  • 15 Telepathy Music V
  • 16 The Egg Appears
  • 17 The Secret Fairies Show
  • 18 The Show Begins
  • 19 Telepathy Music VII
  • 20 Mothra’s Song
  • 21 Prayer From Infant Island
  • 22 Captive Fairies I
  • 23 Telepathy Music VIII
  • 24 The Birth Of Mothra
  • 25 The Infant Girl
  • 26 The Orion Maru Tragedy
  • 27 Telepathy Music IX
  • 28 Mothra In The Sea
  • 29 The Mothra Annihilation Strategy
  • 30 Captive Fairies II
  • 31 Captive Fairies III
  • 32 The Third Dam Collapses
  • 33 Telepathy Music X
  • 34 Mothra Advances I
  • 35 Mothra Advances II
  • 36 Mothra And Tokyo Tower
  • 37 Mothra’s Threads
  • 38 Mothra’s Cocoon
  • 39 Atomic Heat Ray Gun
  • 40 Imago Mothra Emerges
  • 41 Mothra Takes Flight
  • 42 Nelson’s Death
  • 43 Newkirk City Bell I
  • 44 Newkirk City Bell II
  • 45 Telepathy Music XI
  • 46 Ending