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Yuko Matsuzaki

Mother-Of-Pearl Box



LP Black $53

SHIPS BY 2024-10-25

  • 80's Japanese ambient record
  • First time reissued on vinyl
  • For fans of "Kankyo Ongaku" compilation


Japanese composer Hiroko Matsuzaki began her classic music career as a flutist, and from 1985 to 1987 she worked as a studio musician as a flute/synthesiser player based in London, gaining an excellent reputation abroad without passing through the Japanese music scene. Simon Jeffs of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra heard this work and decided to participate in German electronic musician Rhodelius' Pink, Blue and Amber. This is the first time reissuing the lost work she produced only 100 copies before she left for the UK in 1985 , entitled Mother-Of-Pearl Box. This world-standard masterpiece was born in Japan during the rise of ambient music in the late 1980s, when house and techno were expanding globally with the rise of house and techno.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 air magic
  • 2 壺の中 (from within the urn)
  • 3 ラーダー (radha)
  • 4 objet 8
  • 5 objet 2
  • 6 つづれ織り (tapestry)
  • 7 arrete la pensee
  • 8 a bientot !
  • 9 牡丹の花の中に眠る (sleeping in a peony)
  • 10 螺鈿の箱の秘め事よ (secret in the mother-of-pearl box)
  • 11 白い犬が花を食べた (the white dog ate the flower)
  • 12 june love
  • 13 精霊の踊り (dance of spirits)
  • 14 spanish rain
  • 15 miracle parade
  • 16 月へ飛ぶ想ひ (love that flies to the moon)