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LP Black $51
  • Groove Diggers Series
  • Obi Strip


This is the one of new releases of the Groove Diggers series, the only work released in 1977 by the 8-member funky soul band “Moonpie” based in Nashville, USA. used to be known as just collector’s items but you can listen to the high-quality sound with skillful performance and various arrangements from this record. The cover take of “Stevie Wonder / Sunshine Of My Life” is really awesome. P-VINE would like to present how their music was superb through this LP reissue. OBI strip attached.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Ebony Jam
  • 2 Do You Wanna
  • 3 Sunshine Of My Life
  • 4 My Old School
  • 5 Funny Feeling
  • 6 Cold Duck Time
  • 7 I'll Be Good To You
  • 8 Can't Hide Love
  • 9 Nesila Funk