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Monster House
2LP Orange $37
  • The Complete Soundtrack by Douglas Pipes
  • 2xLP "Dynamite Demolition" Colored Vinyl (Fire Orange & Yellow Swirl with Monster House Blue Splatter)
  • Heavyweight Gatefold Packaging with Matte Satin Coating
  • Artwork by Rich Kelly 12"x12" Insert


Waxwork Records is thrilled to release MONSTER HOUSE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Douglas Pipes.This special double LP marks Waxwork's third soundtrack album release with composer Douglas Pipes following 2014's Trick 'r Treat and 2016's Krampus. Monster House is a 2006 animated Horror film directed by Gil Kenan (Scream, Ghostbusters: Afterlife). The plot tells the story of a neighborhood that is terrorized by a haunted house during Halloween. The movie features the voices of Steve Buscemi (Reservoir Dogs), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko, The Secretary), Mitchell Musso (Hannah Montana), Sam Lerner, Spencer Locke, Kevin James (The King of Queens), Nick Cannon, Jason Lee, Fred Willard (Spinal Tap), Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Catherine O-Hara (Beetlejuice), and Kathleen Turner (Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit).

Monster House marks Sony's first computer animated film produed by Sony Pictures Imageworks. Produced by Roger Zemeckis (Back to the Future Trilogy) and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, the film was released in 2006 and was met with praise from fans and critics for its blending of horror and accessibility to a broad audience as a feature animated film. Roger Ebert gave the film his highest ranking of four stars calling it "one of the most original and exciting animated movies I've seen in a long time" and compared it to the work of Tim Burton. About the composer: Douglas Pipes is an award winning American film score composer whose feature films include the Academy Award nominated Monster House, the Halloween horror anthology classic TRICK 'r TREAT, and the Christmas comedy-horror film Krampus. Waxwork Records is thrilled to release yet another score by Douglas Pipes after the deluxe vinyl releases of the soundtracks to both TRICK 'r TREAT and KRAMPUS.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Opening/Titles
  • 2 Eliza’s Song
  • 3 Awesome Kite/Bones Tossed Out/Construction
  • 4 Through The Telescope
  • 5 Parents Drive Off
  • 6 Go To Your Room
  • 7 Jenny Walks Up/Jenny’s Close Call
  • 8 Elegy
  • 9 Ding Dong/House Comes Alive!
  • 10 Cops Emerge
  • 11 The Chimney
  • 12 The Plan/Dummy Feed
  • 13 Cop Car Gets Eaten
  • 14 Trapped/Constance’s Tomb/Escape
  • 15 Cops Get Eaten
  • 16 The Flashback
  • 17 Chowder To The Rescue
  • 18 Nebbercracker Returns
  • 19 House Chase
  • 20 The Battle
  • 21 45 Years/Tricycle
  • 22 We’re back!
  • 23 End Titles
  • 24 The Dance