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Tadashi Kumihara


Pass No Past


LP Black $42
  • Comes with Japanese obi-strip
  • Never before released
  • Limited Edition


A central member of Japanese freeform noise band Gunjogacrayon, Tadashi Kumihara released an album in 2007 titled Hyoi. What people didn’t know is that those same sessions produced another album, which had never seen the light of day – until now! The recently uncovered album from Kumihara, titled Moji, is as good – if not better – than Hyoi, with the freeform noise guitarist and Ryuichi Sakamoto collaborator (B-2 (2008)) in top form. Kumihara draws alien noises from his guitar, pushing against easy definitions of what defines music. The record is undoubtedly not easy to listen to, but repeat listeners will surely find themselves discovering new dimensions of noise with each listen. P-VINE is proud to release Tadashi Kumihara’s Moji, available with an obi-strip on limited edition vinyl!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 ある日のお茶、旅に出ようと思う
  • 2 見知らぬ人達が色んな事をしている
  • 3 子供は飛び石を一つ置いていた
  • 4 暑い日が続き、寒い日が続く
  • 5 母のことを思った
  • 6 檻のなかのコウモリを見て泣いてしまった
  • 7 歩き続ける日々
  • 8 たくさんの人が行き交うのを見た
  • 9 ずいぶん遠くまできてしまった
  • 10 街。
  • 11 一行の旅は続く