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Mission: Impossible 3



2LP Black $30 $39
  • Composed by Michael Giacchino
  • Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl
  • Manufactured in Czech Republic


Mondo Music, in partnership with Varèse Sarabande, is proud to present the premiere vinyl pressing of Michael Giacchino’s score to the J.J. Abrams threequel MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3.

While M:I-3 is the third time the series has changed filmmakers and composers, this chapter finds our hero Ethan Hunt (Producer and Star Tom Cruise) attempting to put down roots, and in the process becomes the seed from which the rest of the beloved series grows. Academy Award®-winning composer (and frequent Abrams collaborator) Giacchino’s take on the franchise finds the score returning lovingly to Lalo Schifrin’s brassy and bombastic sensibilities. After the more serious, modern scores of the previous films, Giacchino brings some of the larger-than-life energy of his previous superhero work (Sky High, The Incredibles) to the IMF, and the series is forever better for it.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Mission: Impossible Theme
  • 2 Factory Rescue
  • 3 Evacuation
  • 4 Helluvacopter Chase
  • 5 Special Agent Lindsey Farris
  • 6 Ethan and Julia
  • 7 “Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall"
  • 8 Masking Agent
  • 9 Voice Capture
  • 10 “See You In The Sewer”
  • 11 Davian's Brought In
  • 12 Bridge Battle
  • 13 Davian Gets The Girl
  • 14 IMF Escape
  • 15 Disguise The Limit
  • 16 Shang Way High
  • 17 The Chutist
  • 18 Hunting For Jules
  • 19 World's Worst Last 4 Minutes To Live
  • 20 Reparations
  • 21 Schifrin and Variations