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LP Black $40

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  • Unreleased recordings from the founder of "Earth, Wind & Fire"
  • Produced by Preston Glass
  • Pressed on black vinyl


Maurice White, the founder and leader of Earth, Wind & Fire and an undisputed soul legend, left us in 2016, leaving behind a treasure trove of unreleased recordings. Teaming up with producer and singer-songwriter Preston Glass, Maurice White's hidden gems come to light in the form of the collection "Manifestation." Although he only officially released one solo album during his lifetime, it turns out that he had recorded numerous wonderful tracks. This collection is like a set of precious demo tracks, akin to uncut diamonds waiting to be polished. If Maurice were still with us, it's undeniable that several hit songs and classics would have been born from these recordings. Filled with catchy melodies showcasing Maurice's genius musical sense, "Manifestation" is a testament to his enduring legacy, reminding us of the many chart-topping songs he brought into the world.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Sweet Surrender
  • 2 Panic Button
  • 3 Storybook Love
  • 4 Laid Back Aphrodisiac
  • 5 I Couldn't Be Me Without You
  • 6 Breakin' In A Brand New Heart (Interlude)
  • 7 True Love Is Forever
  • 8 Wiggle (Long Version)
  • 9 To The Top
  • 10 Young Hearts
  • 11 You're Supposed To Say You Love Me Too
  • 12 Before The Day You Were Born