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Steve Horelick

MADMAN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2LP Color $34
  • Pressed on 180 Gram Red and Blue Vinyl
  • Artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin


MADMAN is the classic ’80s slasher movie that tells the tale of Madman Marz. A group gather round a fire to trade scary stories, and one of the stories is about Madman Marz, who killed his entire family with an axe but was never found. It’s not long before Madman Marz is back and terrorizing the kids in camp in all manner of horrific ways. And while it follows the traditional tropes of early ’80s slashers, what sets MADMAN apart from all the other slashers of that time period is the direction, the cinematography, and the music; all are assured and help lift MADMAN above nearly all the films from this time period.

The score by Steve Horelick is absolute early synth heaven, using all manner of analog synths to create layers of sound that really have stood the test of time. Available here for the first time in any format, you can not only enjoy the synth score, but also all the songs included in the soundtrack written by producer and co-creator Gary Sales! All music is taken from the original 35mm negative and has been painstakingly transferred by Gary Sales, edited by Death Waltz’s Spencer Hickman, and mastered by James Plotkin.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Tense Up
  • 2 Marz Minzies The Family
  • 3 Marz's Tale
  • 4 Marz Descends
  • 5 Richie The Explorer
  • 6 Beebo Guitar
  • 7 Richie Acsends
  • 8 I Don't Need Words
  • 9 Peeping
  • 10 Lost In The Woods
  • 11 Slippery Slope
  • 12 Destructofunk
  • 13 I Do What I Do
  • 14 Marz Stalks
  • 15 Rope
  • 16 Marz Finishes TP
  • 17 Time's Going Round
  • 18 Destumping The Axe
  • 19 Daves Demise
  • 20 Cockblocked
  • 21 Stalking Stacy
  • 22 Headless
  • 23 Losing Her Head
  • 24 Marz Is Near
  • 25 Ellie
  • 26 Bang The Drum
  • 27 Stacys Head / Brokeback Bill
  • 28 Secret Learned
  • 29 Ellie Gets Fridgy With It
  • 30 Bloody Ellie
  • 31 High Noon Walk
  • 32 Saving The Kids
  • 33 Marz House
  • 34 The Legend Lives / Beware