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Giuliano Sorgini

Mad Town / Ultima Caccia

Four Flies Records


7” Black $15
  • Never released on 7”


Four Flies is delighted to present a super juicy treat for all 7-inch vinyl devotees: the first of its 45s series singles to feature tracks from Giuliano Sorgini’s masterpiece Zoo Folle. To ensure maximum DJing pleasure, we’ve picked two of the grooviest tracks from the original recording session, never before released in this format.

The psychedelic funk number “Mad Town”, on Side A, drags you in with its infectious drum breaks and the rapid yet hypnotic flute of Nino Rapicavoli. “Ultima Caccia”, on Side B, is sheer afro-tribal bliss, with drums by Sorgini himself and massive funky percussion by legendary session player Enzo Restuccia.
If you want an ace up your DJing sleeve, look no further.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Mad Town
  • 2 Ultima caccia