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Los Demonios del Mantaro

Los Demonios del Mantaro

Ritmo del Barrio


LP Black $28

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  • Originally released in 1965
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Limited edition (300 copies)
  • Insert included
  • Peruvian psychedelic Chica


In the vibrant musical landscape of 1960s Peru, where genres like Rock n’ Roll, Mambo, Merengue Dominicano, La Rumba Cubana, and Colombian Cumbia were thriving, Los Demonios del Mantaro emerged as pioneers in blending diverse musical elements. Led by founder and harmonica player Carlos Baquerizo Castro, the group introduced a fresh perspective to the musical scene by fusing traditional Andean instruments with Caribbean percussion, creating a unique and captivating sound.

The album, originally recorded in 1965 under the Sono Radio label, showcases the early experimentation and innovation that would later characterize the Chicha movement. The absence of guitars, bass, or drums, coupled with the inclusion of saxophone, clarinet, harmonica, and Caribbean percussion (timbaleta, Bongo, tumbadoras, bells, and güiro), sets this record apart from its contemporaries.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 La Chichera
  • 2 Los Demonios
  • 3 Flor del Mantaro
  • 4 Cumbia del Amor
  • 5 La Solterita
  • 6 Papa Huancaina
  • 7 Cumbia Andina
  • 8 La Pecosa
  • 9 Peti Pán
  • 10 La Sobrada
  • 11 Pañuelito Blanco
  • 12 Mis Sutrimientos