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Live: Pass Tour '80



LP Black $40

SHIPS BY 2025-01-03

  • First time on vinyl
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Early live recordings featuring the original lineup (Reck, Chiko Hige, Masatoshi Tsunematsu)


This is the definitive, fully edited recording of Friction's historic live performance at Kanagawa University in Japan in 1980 when Masatoshi Tsunematsu had still been in the band as a guitarist. Released in 1996, the year after "Zone Tripper" was released, this live album was welcomed by fans as an insight into early Friction live performances at a time when "'79 Live" was still hard to find. In the short six months since the release of "79 Live," it is clear that the trio has deepened to a frightening degree. The unusual prominence, solidity, and tightness of the performance were nothing short of tremendous. This is the long-awaited first Vinyl release of this dangerous, ruthlessly thrilling, and spectacular live album.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Time Smoke
  • 2 Big-S
  • 3 A-Gas
  • 4 Cycle Dance
  • 5 No Thrill
  • 6 100 Nen
  • 7 Ikigire
  • 8 Automatic Fru.
  • 9 Out
  • 10 Kagayaki