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Leaving / Arriving



LP Black $41

SHIPS BY 2024-10-25

  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Contemporary Japanese ambient
  • Yanaco's sophomore album


Following his debut EP tttwoface from the Belgian label URBAN WAVES in 2022 and 1st full album from P-VINE in 2023, Tokyo based electronic musician Yanaco has released his 2nd full album! He has defined their sound, focusing their wide range of influences into what is no doubt one of the finest ambient albums to come out of Japan in recent years.

Samples, programmed electronics, and synth pads are layered with care and precision to create an ineffable serenity that calls to mind the works of both Hiroshi Yoshimura and Aphex Twin, while still being distinctly Yanaco. The album vividly expresses the theme of life from 'Leaving' to 'Arriving' through expressive songs, and is a complete album in itself, not to mention the quality of each song.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Leaving
  • 2 JJ
  • 3 Fragment
  • 4 Birds Behind the Piano
  • 5 sou / 想
  • 6 Weeping Willow / 枝垂柳
  • 7 Story of Your Life
  • 8 Solaris
  • 9 Memory Sketches
  • 10 Night
  • 11 harukanade / 春奏
  • 12 Arriving