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Motohiro Hata


diskunion / DIW PRODUCTS


LP Green $42
  • Limited Edition
  • Pressed on Clear Green Vinyl
  • Theme music of the short animated film “The Garden of Words”


Motohiro Hata’s timeless masterpiece “Kotonoha”, originally released in 2013, will be released on vinyl in a limited edition with special clear green vinyl that reflects the worldview of the animation “The Garden of Words”.

The release will be under the joint label name of diskunion DIW and HOBBYLESS RECORDS, an independent analog label established by Motohiro Hata in 2018. The LP also includes a cover of the classic song “Rain” (lyrics and music by Senri Oe) and a Tomita Lab. remix of “Girl”!!

The cover art features the original jacket from the short animated film “The Garden of Words”, for which this work was used as the image song and the ending theme song. This timelessly loved work is finally available on vinyl!!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Kotonoha
  • 2 Rain
  • 3 Girl(Tomita Lab. Remix)
  • 4 Kotonoha(Backing Track)
  • 5 Rain(Long Ver.)