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BoomBaptist, Juicy the Emissary, Elaquent

Komfort Food

Ship To Shore


LP Splatter $18 $32
Cassette Tape $11
  • Tribute to hip-hop legend J Dilla
  • Limited Edition splatter vinyl
  • Die cut jacket


Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the critically acclaimed jazzy hip-hop album Komfort Food on limited edition vinyl and cassette!

Originally released in early 2021 on the Cream Dream label by producers Bird Peterson & Boom Baptist, Komfort Food is packed with tantalising J Dilla beats and stuffed with creamy jazz samples, featuring a sweet instrumental trip-hop glaze and topped with a professional hand-piped production, all prepared by master hip-hop craftsmen Boom Baptist, Elaquent and Juicy The Emissary.

The vinyl edition features a die cut jacket with cellophane window motif, mimicking an actual box of donuts — this is one box of treats you will not be able to resist!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Komfort Food
  • 2 The Official
  • 3 Yumy-Muny
  • 4 Toucan Wing
  • 5 Dilla-quent
  • 6 Stakes Is High
  • 7 The Look
  • 8 McNasty in Brazil
  • 9 Gobstopper
  • 10 Far 2 Go-The Light