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Akira Ifukube

King Kong Escapes Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



LP Green $20 $35
  • The complete 1967 Film Score by Akira Ifukube
  • “Element X” Radioactive Green Colored Vinyl
  • New artwork by Ross Murray
  • 12” x 12” Art Print
  • Heavyweight Gatefold Packaging with Matte Finish


Prepare to plunge into panic with Waxwork Records’ release of KING KONG ESCAPES Original Motion Picture Score by Akira Ifukube (Godzilla, Mothra vs. Godzilla, War of the Gargantuas, & more) Directed by the king of kaiju, Ishirō Honda, KING KONG ESCAPES follows evil genius, Dr. Hu, on his mission to manipulate Kong into retrieving radioactive Element X from the North Pole. The film stars Rhodes Reason, Linda Miller, Mie Hama, & Akira Takarada.

Waxwork Records is honored to release the complete original film score by Akira Ifukube (Godzilla 1954, Mothra Vs. Godzilla, Destroy All Monsters, and many others) as a deluxe vinyl album officially for the first time outside of Japan. Enjoy the dynamic orchestrations that range from tranquility to combat as King Kong fights monsters and the wicked influence of Dr. Hu.

We are thrilled to present the official King Kong Escapes score with 180 gram “Element X” colored vinyl, deluxe packaging, new artwork by Ross Murray, heavyweight gatefold jackets with matte coating, a 12”x12” art print, and more!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Main Title
  • 2 The Base at the North Pole
  • 3 Activating Mechani-Kong I
  • 4 Activating Mechani-Kong II
  • 5 Mondo Island
  • 6 King Kong Appears
  • 7 King Kong vs. Gorosaurus
  • 8 King Kong vs. Gorosaurus II
  • 9 Kong and Susan I
  • 10 The Explorer Returns
  • 11 Operation Capture Kong I
  • 12 Operation Capture Kong II
  • 13 at the North Pole
  • 14 Kong's Chance Encounter
  • 15 Hypnosis Machine
  • 16 Element X
  • 17 Awakening of Kong
  • 18 King Kong Escapes I
  • 19 King Kong Escapes II
  • 20 Kong in Tokyo
  • 21 Kong and Susan II
  • 22 Mechani-Kong Appears
  • 23 Kong Showdown
  • 24 Confrontation at Tower I
  • 25 Confrontation at Tower II
  • 26 King Kong's Triumph
  • 27 King Kong Goes to Tokyo Bay
  • 28 The End of Dr. Who
  • 29 Ending