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Yuka Noda

Ka Ri Bu No Yu Me: Light Fusion Fantasy

Sad Disco


LP Black $38

SHIPS BY 2024-08-02

  • Originally released in 1989
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Featuring Hidefumi Toki on alto saxophone


The much-anticipated analog release of the standout Japanese mellow fusion album, Ka Ri Bu No Yu Me: Light Fusion Fantasy, is finally here! The album features standout City Pop tracks like "Ka Ri Bu No Yu Me," a Balearic-infused tune with an oceanic vibe, "Manhattan Blue," a beloved number arranged by the artist, and "Click My Heart," a techno-pop gem highlighted by its charming electric organ melody. It's a piece that exudes a unique sense of weightlessness and charm, perfectly showcasing the diverse allure of the Electone. Also noteworthy is the captivating cover illustration by Tom Akamine!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 カリブの夢 (Ka・Ri ・Bu ・No ・Yu)
  • 2 サマー・ブリーズ (Summer Breeze)
  • 3 マンハッタン・ブルー (Manhattan Blue)
  • 4 ブラディ・マリー (Bloody Mary)
  • 5 モノクローム・アフタヌーン (Monochrome Afternoon)
  • 6 ジャンピング・ビーン (Jumping Bean)
  • 7 シティ・ガール (City Girl)
  • 8 クリップ・マイ・ハート (Cup My Heart)
  • 9 ミッドナイト・ウィスパー (Midnight Whisper)
  • 10 デイ・ドリーム (Day Dream)