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Hitomi Tohyama

Just Call Me Penny

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LP Black $52
  • 1981 reissue of Okinawan 80’s singer Hitomi Tohyama
  • Backing band from The 24th Street Band


Released in 1981, the reissue of Hitomi Tohyama’s 1st album “Just Call Me Penny” has been decided!
Hitomi Tohyama, a female singer who is indispensable when talking about 80’s Japanese things from Okinawa.

Japanese mono mellow such as urban mellow “Rainy Driver”, mellow soul song “Baby, Baby, Baby”, funky dance tune “San Francisco-Oak Land”, etc.

It is a masterpiece with many grooves.

As a backing band, the American artistic fusion band, The 24th Street Band, is also participating.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Good Song Through The Door - So Many Times
  • 2 My Guy (Cafe Sign)
  • 3 Makeover
  • 4 Rainy Driver
  • 5 Station
  • 6 Baby, Baby, Baby
  • 7 Midnight Express
  • 8 San Francisco-Oak Land
  • 9 Instant Polaroid