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The Gathering: Roots & Branches of Los Angeles Jazz

Healing Suite



2LP Black $53

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  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Limited first edition pressing
  • Obi-strip
  • First ever analog release
  • Album art TBA


Formed by Jesse Sharps, an alumnus (and former bandleader) of Horace Tapscott’s Pan Afrikan People’s Arkestra (PAPA), The Gathering: Roots and Branches of Los Angeles Jazz is a project spanning generations, but firmly planted in the jazz scene of Los Angeles. The group, formed in 2005, has a rotating cast of musicians, ranging from up and coming (at the time…) stars of the jazz scene such as Kamasi Washington, all the way to Tribe co-founder Phil Ranelin.

Recorded live in 2015 at Los Angeles’ Mamye Clayton Library and Museum, Healing Suite was recorded to commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Gathering’s formation, and features many of the original members. The album opens with a stirring rendition of the Nina Simone classic “Strange Fruit”, performed as a duet by Dwight Trible (vo.) and Theo Saunders (pf.). Trible’s voice is haunting, his voice goes from somber melody to tortured cries, perfectly expressing the pain and weight behind the lyrics. Saunder’s piano comping seems to undulate under Drible’s vocals, with angular chords and percussive playing peeking out from underneath Trible’s singing.

The heart of the album is undoubtedly Freedom’s Sweet, a three-part suite composed by Horace Tapscott. With Jesse Sharps conducting, the song moves forward at a steady shuffle, going from disarming poetry by Kamau Daáod (part 1), to triumphant horn lines and fiery solos (part 2), all the way to avant-garde big band swing (part 3). A particular high point is Tribe co-founder Phil Ranelin’s (tbn.) solo in part 2, which is as energetic and fiery as any of his solos on earlier Tribe records, despite being almost 80 at the time of recording. Over half an hour long, Freedom’s Sweet is a master class in long-form composition, with each member of The Gathering getting space to shine, while also highlighting how the group can meld together to form a band quite unlike anything else. Recorded in 2015 and originally released in 2022, P-VINE is proud to be giving Healing Suite a well deserved analog release with an obi-strip. As much as the album highlights Los Angeles’ progressive jazz scene, this album crosses all boundaries, whether they be age, location, or even genre.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Strange Fruit
  • 2 Healing Suite
  • 3 Freedom's Sweet Part 1
  • 4 Freedom's Sweet Part 2
  • 5 Freedom's Sweet Part 3
  • 6 Mother