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Ishino Youna Jiyu

Lawson Entertainment


LP Black $40
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Originally released in 2023
  • Yanushi's third full album


Three talented songwriters, Aiko, Shigeru Kishida (Kururi), and Masamune Kusano (Spitz), have crafted melodies, delivered performances, and created arrangements that are both versatile and expressive.

Their highly anticipated third full album, 'Ishino Youna Jiyu', follows their previous album 'DOOM' by about two years. This album features a collection of gentle yet powerful songs that boldly embrace the beloved rock and pop music of the 60s. With new interpretations and innovative arrangements, along with contributions from engineer Akihiro Iizuka and drum technician Takeda (formerly of volleyboys), the album is a magnificent masterpiece that enhances its timeless allure.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Shozen
  • 2 Kikai Ni Omakase
  • 3 Niwa To Ame
  • 4 Arukikatakara
  • 5 Bukai
  • 6 Hitori Hitori
  • 7 Open End
  • 8 Taerukotoni Naresugiteiru!
  • 9 Free As A Stone
  • 10 Dreamy
  • 11 Kyouwa Hitorideiyoune