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LP Black $40

SHIPS BY 2024-08-30

  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • The band's debut album
  • Shoegaze/post-hardcore band from Thailand


Hailing from the northern Thai city of Nakhon Sawan, the shoegaze/post-hardcore band Telever was formed in 2018. After releasing their debut EP "Have A Good Health," they garnered attention for their unique musical style, blending heavy, beautiful shoegaze sounds with powerful hardcore elements. They gained fans beyond the confines of their genre, earning spots as support acts for world-renowned bands like Fiddlehead and Turnover.

After approximately five years since their formation, their debut album "Inside the Game" has finally been released. It encapsulates the intensity and chill of Telever's music, where genres intersect.

The album kicks off with "Whole," featuring heavy guitar sounds reminiscent of DIIV's "Deceiver," perfectly blended with Tae's vocals, creating a flawless shoegaze experience. "Today" swiftly transitions into the post-hardcore scene, with emotional shouts and vocals amidst shoegaze guitar sounds, serving as an introduction to Telever's sound.

"Ghost," the third track, not only embraces traditional shoegaze approaches but also delivers heated guitar sounds reminiscent of emo. Even with heavy sounds, the title track "Inside the Game" successfully incorporates influences from 2000s emo and punk, giving it a pop sensibility.

In "Always," the eighth track, they showcase a dream-pop-infused shoegaze style from a slightly different angle. From Asia to the world, "Goodbye" closes the album with a continuous display of fresh shoegaze sounds. Telever is poised to garner global attention with this album.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Whole
  • 2 Today
  • 3 Ghost
  • 4 Sabotage
  • 5 Inside the Game
  • 6 Once
  • 7 Always
  • 8 Wednesday
  • 9 Goodbye
  • 10 Us (Bonus Track)