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Inghilterra Nuda

Quartet Records


LP Blue $49
  • Premiere vinyl edition of cult groove score by Piero Piccioni
  • Remastered by Chris Malone
  • Audiophile 180GM Transparent Blue vinyl
  • Limited edition of 300 units


Quartet Records, in collaboration with Universal Music Publishing Italia, releases the first-ever vinyl edition with the cult score by Piero Piccioni (COLPO ROVENTE, IL DIO SOTTO LA PELLE, CAMILLE 2000, THE 10TH VICTIM) for INGHILTERRA NUDA – as originally conceived by the composer.

Directed by Vittorio De Sisti, INGHILTERRA NUDA was inspired by the same concept as mondo movies, but applied to British culture. It poses the question, “Are these Brits really as reserved as we think they are?” The answer is not straightforward, but it will certainly take a lot of nudity to get there. The Italian version was narrated by Giuseppe Rinaldi, while Edmund Purdom provided the English dub.

The score features the mixture of cool tunes that one would expect from a mondo – especially from Piero Piccioni, who scored relatively few titles in this genre. In fact, a lot of the original music he wrote for the film wasn’t included in the film; a former sound editor, Vittorio De Sisti, used several previous Piccioni cues for other movies to create the score heard in the film, so even key cues such as the main title are actually only available on the soundtrack album.

This limited LP edition, pressed on audiophile 180 GM transparent blue vinyl, features only the music recorded specifically for the film in beautiful, pristine stereo. It has been specially restored and mastered for vinyl by Chris Malone.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Inghilterra Nuda (Titoli)
  • 2 Inghilterra Nuda (Country Mood)
  • 3 Inghilterra Nuda (Soho)
  • 4 Inghilterra Nuda (Party Music)
  • 5 Inghilterra Nuda (Night Club)
  • 6 Inghilterra Nuda (Organ Shake)
  • 7 Inghilterra Nuda (Drug Party)
  • 8 Black Flower (Film Version #1)
  • 9 Inghilterra Nuda (Psychedelic Shake)
  • 10 Inghilterra Nuda (Drug Party #2)
  • 11 Inghilterra Nuda (Drug Party #3)
  • 12 Inghilterra Nuda (Night Club #2)
  • 13 Inghilterra Nuda (Country Shake)
  • 14 Inghilterra Nuda (Drug Party #4)
  • 15 Inghilterra Nuda (Endless Love)
  • 16 Black Flower (Album Version)