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Paul Ruskay

Homeworld 2 Remastered (Original Soundtrack)

Laced Records


3LP Black $64
  • 58 remastered tracks from the pioneering space RTS sequel
  • Standard Edition featuring three black heavyweight discs
  • Silver laminated widespined outer sleeve
  • Printed inner sleeves
  • Artwork by Relic Entertainment and *Gearbox Entertainment


Series composer Paul Ruskay was left largely to his own devices in crafting the now iconic sound of Homeworld. He took diverse inspiration from Vangelis’ score for Blade Runner, Brian Eno, and the sampling of traditional instruments from all over the globe by Algerian DJ Cheb i Sabbah. For the subsequent Homeworld titles, Ruskay moved towards rich, live recorded instruments, including elegant but intense strings, and traditional Indian singing and instrumentation.

During the Homeworld Remastered Collection restoration process, Ruskay dug out the original music DAT tapes out of a shoe box, dusted off decade-old Pro Tool Studio sessions, and had uncompressed versions made of all tracks. Tracks were then mindfully remixed and sequenced.