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Charles Bardin & Valentin Ducloux

Headbangers: Battle of the Dancers (Original Game Soundtrack)
2LP Green Orange $38

SHIPS BY 2024-09-20

  • Featuring 54 tracks
  • Music by Charles Bardin and Valentin Ducloux
  • Guest vocals by Priscilla Cucciniello
  • Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge


This soundtrack features 54 tracks from the game "Headbangers - Battle of the Dancers", the latest game mode in "Headbangers: Rhythm Royale". This exceptionally diverse album was entirely composed and performed by Charles Bardin and Valentin Ducloux, with additional vocals by Priscilla Cucciniello on several tracks. Get ready to ruffle your feathers to the rhythm of all these pigeon-themed songs!

Composer Charles Bardin: "With Battle of the Dancers, we wanted to create the most varied soundtrack in the history of video games. This was our intention from the very beginning. The 54 tracks on this album draw their inspiration from a wide range of musical styles: rock, funk, electro, pop, folk, reggae, punk and many more. We conceived this soundtrack as a tribute to music in all its diversity, all combined with silly lyrics about our pigeon friends."