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Rob & Jack Lahana

Haute Saison

Pan European Recording


7” Black $27
  • Haute Saison features Gordon Tracks & Giorgio Poi (aka Thomas Mars of Phoenix)
  • Contour features Leon Larregui (band leader of Zoe)
  • Produced by Rob & Jack Lahana from the Summercamp
  • 7" black vinyl


Haute Saison was born from the dream of bringing together the voices of Thomas Mars (Phoenix) aka Gordon Tracks & Giorgio Poi. Led by producers Rob & Jack Lahana, the single sends us towards eternal holidays: idleness, beach and teenage love – Italy seen from America, America seen from Italy. A cinematic piece magnified by Natalie Portman’s video featuring Quannah Chasinghorse & D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai. Haute Saison is the first excerpt from a serie with French and international artists.

« Contour » emerges from the meeting in recording studio between Rob & Jack Lahana and León Larregui (Zoé band leader) thanks to Adan Jodorowski

Since that day, they have never really left each other. Two solo albums later produced by Rob & Jack Lahana (“Solstis” and “Voluma”), it was the turn of the two Parisians to invite the Mexican singer for a flamboyant collaboration imbued with a sensuality specific to León Larregui.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Haute saison
  • 2 Contour