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Great Blues Works and Hits



LP Black $40

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  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • The latest best album of the king of blues
  • Compiled by founder of P-VINE, Yasufumi Higurashi


No one can argue that B.B. King is the king of the blues. This is the best album selected by P-VINE founder Yasufumi Higurashi from the vast amount of recordings from the Modern/Kent era from 1950 to 1965, the beginning and peak of his career!

Since his debut in 1949, B.B. King has always reigned supreme as the king of the blues until his death in 2015. His innovative guitar playing and sophisticated style revolutionized the modern blues, and he was ranked 8th in the latest edition of Rolling Stone's "250 Greatest Guitarists of All Time," and he has been named one of the greatest guitarists of all time by the magazine. His revolutionary guitar playing and sophisticated style revolutionized modern blues, and history has already shown that he had a profound influence on future guitarists such as Clapton and Ray Vaughan. Squeeze guitar that squeezes the blues from the bottom of your soul! Melismatic and majestic vocals! You can't talk about blues without listening to this one and only blues world = B.B. From the recordings made during B.B.'s peak Modern/Kent period, we have selected the best albums of the long-established American blues magazine, Living Blues, including "The Complete RPM/Kent Recording Box 1950-1965," which won the double award of Critics' Choice and Readers' Choice. The Complete RPM/Kent Recording Box 1950-1965", which won the Critics' Choice and Readers' Choice awards.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 3O’Clock Blues
  • 2 Everyday I Have the Blues
  • 3 Sweet Little Angel
  • 4 On My Word of Honor
  • 5 Sweet Sixteen
  • 6 My Sometime Baby
  • 7 Rock Be Baby
  • 8 Shot Gun Blues
  • 9 Boogie Rock(Inst.)
  • 10 Down Hearted
  • 11 Gotta Find My Baby('52)
  • 12 Your Fool
  • 13 Hold That Train
  • 14 Goin' Down Slow('59)