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Vernon Garrett

Going to My Baby's Place

Grooove Diggers


LP Black $40

SHIPS BY 2024-05-24

  • Obi-strip attached for the first time
  • Pressed on Black Vinyl
  • Originally released in 1975


There are only a few albums left by West Coast soul singer Vernon Garrett. One of the sought-after records of these is this debut album, released on Grenade Records in 1975. This masterpiece, with Vernon's wild and powerful songs backed by incandescent performances by the members who would later form L.T.D. and David T. Walker, was reissued once on vinyl by P-VINE in 1997. However, we have decided to bring this wonderful work back to the world once again.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Going To My Baby's Place
  • 2 I Learned My Lesson
  • 3 One Man's Loss
  • 4 Something Went Wrong
  • 5 Love Junkie
  • 6 Satisfied Woman
  • 7 Keep On Forgiving You
  • 8 I Made My Own World
  • 9 To Be A Part Of You
  • 10 Don't Do What I Do